Horos is one of the principal Egyptian deities. He is widely known by his Greek name Horous.The 'Encylopedia of Ancient Deities' lists many more names of Horous which interestingly include the names 'Har' and 'Heru Murti'.

The Egyptian deity Horous, Har or Heru Murti is a falcon god who protects the earth with its wings. Worshipped in different ways and places he is always represented by a falcon or as 'falcon-headed'.

Egyptian deity Horus was also known as
Har or Heru Murti as stated in the
Encyclopedia of Ancient Deities.

The living king in Egypt was always regarded as Horous-incarnate - much as in the Hindu kingdom of Nepal the king was regarded as an incarnate of Vishnu.

The Vedic Lord Vishnu is
also known as 'Hari'.

There are many myths and legends associated with Horos - many of them bearing resemblance to the Puranic legends of Vishnu and Indra.

And the interesting point of course is that in the Indian pantheon 'Hara' is another name for Vishnu. Vishnu's 'vahana' or 'mount' is the eagle or falcon like bird 'garuda' (गरुड़).

Garuda, the eagle like bird,
 is the vehicle
of Hari i.e., Vishnu

It is therefore difficult not to link the legend of Horus with that of Vishnu or Hari. It is also curious Egyptologists hesitate to explore the Vedic customs prevalent in Egypt. The leads to the link between ancient Egypt and Vedic India are obvious, the reasons why mainstream historians choose to ignore them less so. 

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